Jhoots and The British Lung Foundation
Date: 30/11/2015

Jhoots and The British Lung Foundation

Jhoots is proud to announce that the British Lung Foundation (BLF) has been chosen as their charity partner.  The partnership will focus on raising money to help the over 12 million people living with lung disease in the UK, and joint initiatives to help support the local communities surrounding each of our stores.

We are passionate about our customer’s health and wellbeing and we believe by working together with the BLF on these objectives, we can make a real difference to those living with a lung condition.

We are excited about all of our wonderful employees joining together to support this fantastic cause and to work towards a common goal of raising much needed funds for patients with lung disease.


The British Lung Foundation

Every 5 minutes someone dies from a lung disease in the UK.

This devastating truth is just one of the many reasons that the BLF campaigns for changes in attitude towards lung health, provides a variety of invaluable services to help anyone affected by lung disease, and invests millions into crucial lung disease research.


The BLF campaigns for better services and care for people with lung conditions and spreads the word about the causes and signs of lung disease and how to prevent it.

They fight to keep the issues that matter on the political agenda – a recent success is the ban on smoking in cars carrying children which became law in England and Wales on 1st October 2015.  Changing the law can often feel like an endless struggle but it took the BLF just 5 years to persuade the Government that this ban was vital to protect the health of the children of England and Wales, an incredible achievement!

Support services

The BLF brings people with lung conditions together through their 232 UK wide peer support groups, their web community and their penpals scheme, whilst the BLF nurses and fitness instructors support people in their communities.

The BLF also runs a crucial support helpline which receives over 17,500 calls a year. It is run by specialist nurses and benefits advisors and offers free, confidential, impartial advice to anyone affected by lung disease.


Since being established in 1985, the BLF has invested over £24 million into research to increase survival rates, improve diagnosis and care, and develop understanding of lung disease.

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