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Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Our Values
Our Values

Our customers are the heart of our pharmacy service –we are committed to provide an exceptional customer and patient experience.

We enjoy a strong trustworthy reputation based on our adherence to the highest professionalism and customer service standards.

Our staff are our strength. We have a structured development programme so that our patients benefit from continuity of care delivered by a local, core pharmacy team.

Passionate about our customers and what we provide within our Healthcare and Wellbeing business

Our Values are:

Challenging, brave and innovative in driving ourselves forward

Listening and respectful to each other and to our customers

Acting decisively with minimum bureaucracy

Accountable for all we do and the results we achieve

Celebrate success in all we do

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Akshay Parikh
Akshay Parikh
Chairman of Jhoots Group

Akshay Parikh:

Akshay has operated at senior management level in a number of high profile positions.  These include his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the Walsall Regeneration Company where he was responsible for driving forward an ambitious and transformational regeneration programme that culminated in the delivery of over £400m of public and private sector investment within the town centre of Walsall.

In addition to this considerable experience in economic development and physical regeneration, Akshay also has extensive Non-Executive director experience of change management.  He held the position of a Chairman of a regional Housing Association and has also served on the board of a local Acute Hospital and a college of Further Education.

Over the last five years he has advised and assisted the Jhooty family achieve their growth ambition including the development and funding of the new Headquarter Office.

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Manjit Jhooty
Manjit Jhooty

Manjit is the CEO of Jhoots Group. His expertise is consolidated through successful building of relationships with other key partners and professionals in the industry.

Jhoots are an independent community pharmacy; we place a strong emphasis on being able to provide the best products, services and professional advice to our customers. We are driven by vision, innovation and passion and place the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Sarbjit Jhooty
Sarbjit Jhooty
Business Development Director

Sarbjit’s expertise is consolidated through successful sourcing, procurement and project management delivery establishing a key network of contacts across the industry. Sarbjit current heads the Acquisitions, Fleet, Lettings and Warehouse departments.

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member San Jhooty
San Jhooty
ER Director

The ER department works closely together with the professional associations to pioneer the partnership approach to improve employee and employer relationships, and communication to support a, “win-win” environment for all. The office of Employee Relations encompasses four functional areas together with managing staff related equality and diversity. The units are: Employee Relations/Recruitment, Pay and Reward, Occupational Health and Safety and Staff Development.

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Richard Sugden
Richard Sugden
Operations Director

Richard successfully builds relationships with other key partners and employees in the branch network to maximise productivity. Operations Management is a value-adding area of an organisation concerned with innovation, production and distribution of goods and services to customers whilst ensuring that the use of organisational resources remains efficient and effective.

Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Paul Stanbridge
Paul Stanbridge
Group Financial Controller
Jhoots Pharmacy: Team Member Gerald McLean
Gerald McLean
Advisor to family Counsel

Gerald McLean:

Gerald has held a wide number of senior posts within the Northern Ireland Health Service sector covering acute, primary care and social services components.

He was formerly director of corporate affairs and latterly, Chief Executive of the Eastern Multifund Belfast, a fundholding commissioning organisation which represented over 200,000 patients.

For over 14 years now Gerald has worked as an independent healthcare advisor, first as co-owner of  MAC2 Consulting and then on the same basis  with Consulting Associates UK and has a particular interest in practice audit and collaboration. In recent years he was instrumental in the establishment of forty eight practiced based commissioning platforms throughout England.  He now provides guidance to Clinical Commissioning Groups with particular reference to relationships and negotiation skills, both internal and external. He was also is involved in all aspects of initial set-up including, organisational issues, governance and staffing.  He has a particular interest in the role of Commissioning Support Organisations.

For the last two years Gerald has been a retained advisor to the Ulster Chemists’ Association and has been closely involved in the implementation of Transforming Your Care and Social Enterprise in the Province.

His involvement in healthcare covers all levels of intervention from Ministerial and departmental to the individual GP or Pharmacist.

Gerald has close working relationships with NAPC and is a frequent contributor to Practical Commissioning.

Gerald lives in Northern Ireland but travels to the rest of the UK regularly, when not flying he has passion for collecting and restoring classic cars.

He is married with two children


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